Business general terms

and conditions

~ Short version


The photographer has the copyright to the photographs in accordance with the copyright law.


The material produced by the photographer cannot be used without previous notification and autorization.


The Client purchase the right for the usage on a specific terms and agreed to what is dictated by the license contitions estipulated by the photographer.

Non-Exclusive Rights

The client is aware that the material produced by the photographer can also be purchased by several users. An exclusive contract can be established previous agreement.


When using the photographs, the photographer must be named as the author of the photographs unless otherwise agreed.

Production Costs

A fee is agreed for the production of the works as an hourly rate, daily rate or agreed flat rate; Additional costs (travel costs, model fees, expenses, props, laboratory and material costs, studio rentals, data handling costs, etc.) must be borne by the client. The agreed fee applies.

Fee Calculation

The current version of the image fee overview of the medium-sized photo marketing association (MFM) of the Federal Association of Press Image Agencies and Image Archives (BVPA) is used to calculate the fee.

Terms deviation

The client’s terms and conditions that deviate from the following conditions will not be recognized. Such different terms and conditions do not become part of the contract even if the photographer does not expressly object.